Black Well-Being

Though many minority groups face discrimination and bigotry, certain patterns of intergenerational trauma, othering, and colorism are unique to the Black community within the US, which undergoes the constant stress of racial discrimination, police violence, health-care biases, and generations of economic injustice—among many other systemic stressors. Social pressure and cultural messaging can have a great impact on our feelings of self-worth and can make us struggle with self-acceptance. Everyone has the right to live a vibrant life in their full identity, and the struggle for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being can find support from those who understand and validate the complexities, nuance, pain, and joy of the community’s lived experiences. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

The Meaning of Serena Williams

There is a belief among some African-Americans that to defeat racism, they have to work harder, be smarter, be better.

The Trauma of an American Untouchable

Arisika Razak shares her reflections on trauma, oppression, and healing the wounds of racism.

Serena Williams: How Black Women Can Close the Pay Gap

Black women are 37 cents behind men in the pay gap—in other words, for every dollar a man makes, black women make 63 cents.

44 Mental Health Resources for Black People Trying to Survive in This Country

Here’s a list of resources that may help if you’re looking for mental health support that validates and celebrates your Blackness.

Serena Williams and (the Perception of) Violence: Intersectionality, the Performance of Blackness, and Women’s Professional Tennis

Using intersectionality as an interpretive framework, we aim to show how Serena fits within the social structure of tennis which was created within the white, upper-class social milieu.

This Group Is Fighting to Make Cannabis Inclusive

Cannaclusive is a grassroots community that is fighting for inclusivity and diversity in the rapidly growing cannabis industry in the USA. The organisation aims to tackle the lack of diversity in today’s growing cannabis culture.

A Timely Collection of Vital Writing by Audre Lorde

In her public appearances, Audre Lorde famously introduced herself the same way: “I am a Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.”

The Blood Did It: Why Michael Brown’s Death Was Different

One month ago, the city of Ferguson, Mo., was violently shaken by the shooting death of an unarmed black man whose name is Michael Brown, Jr.

Obama’s People and the African Americans: The Language of Othering

To the list of identities Black people in America have assumed or been asked to, we can now add, thanks to this presidential election season, “Obama’s people” and “the African Americans.”

The Struggle is Real: The Unrelenting Weight of Being a Black, Female Athlete

The athletes, former athletes and coaches had gathered at Temple University to tell war stories. But the conversation wasn’t about diving catches or buzzer beaters, heated rivalries or fearsome opponents.