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Misconceptions About Sex & Disability | Hannah Witton

So I asked my audience if they had any personal experience of disability, and what they want people to know about their sex lives.

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Sexuality and Disability—A Seat at the Table: Cheryl Cohen Greene at TEDxFiDiWomen

Cheryl Cohen Greene has been in private clinical practice as a Surrogate Partner and Consultant in Human Sexuality in Berkeley, CA since 1973. She was trained in the Masters and Johnson modality. She was on the training staff of San Francisco Sex Information for 19 years.

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Undressing Disability | Emily Yates | TEDxYouth@StPeterPort

Emily's talk on sex and disability is inspiring and thought-provoking. She addresses the issue of sex and relationships for the disabled, and how disabled communities can have access to this, which others usually take for granted.

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