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How Lorenza Bottner’s Prescient Art Created Space for Disabled and Trans People

At Documenta 14, the 2017 edition of the touted art festival that takes place once every five years in Kassel, it was an artist heretofore unknown to much of the art world who stole the show: Lorenza Böttner, a German painter, dancer, and performance artist who, in the ’80s and ’90s, began...

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Running Wild: More than Scars

Running Wild: More than Scars uses the analogy of an endurance event to depict the full scope of a cancer journey. An endurance event has a training phase, race, and recovery phase. Facing a cancer diagnosis and moving through it follows the same pattern.

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118 - How to Overcome Body Image Issues with Model Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is a British model who has been included in campaigns for major brands without her photos being retouched (something that is quite rare in the modeling industry).

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