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Roxane Gay—Fitting Into the World in “Hunger” | The Daily Show

Author Roxane Gay opens up about the childhood attack that led to her weight gain, the unwelcome advice she gets daily and writing a different kind of memoir as a fat woman.

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Roxane Gay Talks “Hunger” And “Not That Bad” In DC

Roxane Gay discusses her books, “Hunger” And “Not That Bad”, at a Politics and Prose event at Sixth and I on 6/13/18.

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Roxane Gay Reads from Difficult Women and Talks with Saeed Jones

The author of Bad Feminist, Gay has two new books on the way: the short-story collection Difficult Women and Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body. She reads from Difficult Women, followed by a conversation with BuzzFeed’s Saeed Jones.

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An Evening with Roxane Gay

One of today’s most influential voices writing about gender, sexuality, race, and the issues confronting women as they navigate a difficult and often hostile world, Roxane Gay tackles today’s big subjects with a piercing intellect, engaging empathy, and often heartbreaking personal disclosures.

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