Body Mapping

Derived from the Alexander Technique, body mapping is a tool used to evaluate, make corrections to, and refine one’s own internal body map. This technique combines kinesthetic awareness (connecting the mind and body in terms of interpreting the signals from one to the other) with proprioception (the awareness of the body in space). Like the Alexander Technique, it is best known in the world of performers—such as musicians and dancers—who use body mapping to help keep their bodies moving freely and pain free.

Researchers Map Body Areas Linked to Specific Emotions

These colorful images of emotional body maps allow you to visualize a target emotion as it is color-coded to areas of your body. Through daily physicality you learn to understand how your individual body feels in correlation to a wide range of emotions.

Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over

When a team of scientists in Finland asked people to map out where they felt different emotions on their bodies, they found that the results were surprisingly consistent, even across cultures.

Where Are Emotions Felt in the Body? This Infographic Will Tell You

Have you ever said that you had “cold feet,” “a gut reaction,” or “a shiver down your spine”? You probably didn’t think anything of it, but those clichés have more truth to them than you might think. Emotional body mapping can show you why.

Mapping Stored Emotions in the Body as a Means of Healing Physical Pain

The Body is a map of every experience we ever had. As we bridge the mind body and spirit we can better understand the connection between trapped emotions and physical ailments causing us suffering.

Body Mapping: FAQ

The body map is one’s self-representation in one’s own brain. If the body map is accurate, movement is good. If the body map is inaccurate or inadequate, movement is inefficient and potentially injury-producing.

What Is Body Mapping?

You may have heard the word "bodymapping" before, but perhaps have not known what exactly it's referring to. Many different disciplines make use of the concept- body work, movement practices, medical professionals, etc. So what is it?

Body Mapping Helps Musicians

Body Mapping enhances musical performance by facilitating ease of movement and decreasing the possibility of injury. Used frequently by teachers of Alexander Technique, it provides an understanding of the anatomy involved in the movements required to play an instrument.

Body Mapping: What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body

As a performer with injury, I was very lucky as a university student. When I mentioned to my teacher some pain I was having, I was advised to take an Alexander Technique class.

Voice, Choice, and Power: Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Dr. Ruby Gibson


Body Mapping: A Method for Preventing Injury and Limitation

Body mapping is the method founded by William Conable and developed by Barbara Conable to consciously correct a faulty body map in order to rediscover healthy and easeful movement while making music.


Mind-Body Connection