Body Positivity & criticism and rejection

Below are the best resources we could find on Body Positivity and criticism and rejection.

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Karen Fat Shames Woman, Instantly Regrets It

Fat shaming/ body shaming is never cool.

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Why Befriending Our Bodies Is So Hard, with JoAnna Hardy

iBme teacher JoAnna Hardy briefly explains mindfulness of the body and how to see our bodies as places of refuge. She also talks about how challenging this is when we have personal and/or cultural judgments and opinion around our bodies.

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The Body as Refuge: A Guided Meditation with JoAnna Hardy

Meditators old and new will enjoy this grounding, body-based practice. iBme teacher JoAnna Hardy offers instruction in returning to the body as refuge or "home base," outlines the four meditation postures, and guides a 14-minute sit.

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