Body Positivity & growth mindset

Below are the best resources we could find on Body Positivity and growth mindset.

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Breast Cancer and Body Image

Body image is a huge component of what we go through. For me, I just needed to be authentic to myself and true to what was going on with my body and accept those changes.

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I Feel Sexy In My Disabled Body | Living Differently

Twenty-four-year-old Alex has spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that causes her severe problems with movement and means she needs a wheelchair.

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Paratrooper Veteran Talks Life-Changing Injury // Moving Forward with a Positive Mindset

In the third episode of ‘The Vet Files,’ a Paratrooper Veteran, Luke Morrison, who lost his leg while touring in Afghanistan, talks about his goal to become the first amputee skydiving instructor in the UK and how his positive mindset has helped him to adapt to life after his injury.

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