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Inner-Body Awareness Guided Meditation | Kim Eng

Kim gently brings awareness to the sensations within the body, scanning through the different parts and then inviting a direct, present-moment experience of your surroundings.

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Compassionate Body Scan - A Guided Meditation by Kristin Neff

This compassionate body scan by Kristin Neff is a beautiful practice for deepening our sense of self-compassion and body awareness. Sometimes when we do a body scan meditation, we encounter uncomfortable feelings and emotions, which is where compassion comes in.

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Wind Down: Switching Off with Sleep by Headspace

A simple visualization to soothe the mind and relax the body, creating the ideal conditions for healthy, restful sleep. Try all of our wind downs plus 12 new Sleepcasts in the brand new Sleep by Headspace experience. Here’s to a life well slept.

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