Bodywork is a general term to describe practitioner-led healing methods focused on the human body that emphasize hands-on pressure or realignment to improve the body’s function and the client’s mental health. Bodywork can encompass physical manipulation of muscles and joints as well as various forms of energy or electromagnetic field manipulation, including acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, cupping therapy, energy balancing, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), kinesiology, massage, physical therapy, reflexology, and others.

Rolfing and Physical Reality

A warm and wise self-portrait of the woman who originated the therapy that bears her name.

Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork

Possibly the most famous and widely used resource in therapeutic bodywork, this beautifully written, detailed, and reader-friendly picture of how and why the body responds to touch is both scientifically reliable and inspiring.

Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner's Guide to Hands-On Healing

Imagine being able to utilize the power of your mind for the purpose of healing with Universal Energy--just by asking. Gentle Energy Touch, a form of energy medicine pioneered by Barbara Savin, does just that by using intention to begin the healing process of an individual.

The Rosen Method of Movement

While working as a physical therapist in Oakland, California, in the 1950s, Marion Rosen was asked by several clients how they could prevent aches and pains and avoid physical therapy treatments. This question inspired Rosen to begin teaching movement classes in 1956.

Rolfing®: For Healing and High Performance

Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph.D., dedicated her life to the development of a systematic approach to improving human structure and well-being.

Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality

This 1978 book is intended as the "feelingful" companion to a more technical and rigorous earlier didactic volume, Rolfing: The Integration of Human Structures. The book is also a memoir of the early history and days of Esalen into its heydays in the 1970s.

Bone, Breath, and Gesture: Practices of Embodiment

This book is a collection of writings on principles and techniques by the pioneers of bodywork and body awareness disciplines. Together, they represent a historical record of the field of somatics.

Rosen Method Bodywork: Accessing the Unconscious through Touch

In this long-awaited description of the body-centered therapy developed by Marion Rosen, the reader begins to understand how emotional and physical ailments can be addressed through the gentle touch of the Rosen practitioner.

Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques (Revised Edition)

Featuring more than 250 photographs and 50 anatomical drawings, this revised edition of Deep Tissue Massage is the standard guide to the essentials of touch, biomechanics, and positioning options for a multitude of strategies to treat all major conditions encountered in a bodywork practice.

Rosen Method: An Approach to Wholeness and Well-Being Through the Body

This book gives us a look behind the scenes of a Rosen Method bodywork session. The author reveals the philosophy that results in the deceptively simple words and touch that prove to be the magic key to unlocking tension held for years in the body.


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