Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world, encompassing many different traditions and practices. It originated in India between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE with the dissemination of the teachings of Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha. There is no central religious text for Buddhists, but there are many sutras (teachings ascribed to the Buddha himself) collected throughout history. The central tenets of Buddhism are reflected in the Four Noble Truths (which describe what cause and relieve suffering) and the Eightfold Path (which describes practices that can lead to release from the painful cycle of rebirth). Spiritual practices that permeate most expressions of Buddhism include meditation, compassion toward living beings, and the pursuit of insight.


Beginning Buddhist Meditation - Mingyur Rinpoche

If you are beginning your meditative journey, Buddhist teacher and meditation master Mingyur Rinpoche provides simple guidance on how to connect with and develop awareness to get you started.


Meditation and the Science of Human Flourishing Workshop—Part 3

Can we cultivate well-being in the same way that we can train our bodies to be healthier and more resilient? If so, how might we use the practice of meditation to experience equanimity, to open our hearts fully to others, and to cultivate insight and wisdom? In this workshop, two world-renowned exp...


A Visit With Ruth Denison

A beautiful interview with Ruth Denison created by Ann Hershey and Carol Osmer-Newhoue in 1995.


Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo - the Nature of Mind


Jack Kornfield: The Peaceful Heart Dharma Talk

In this dharma talk, Jack discusses how the combination of compassion and equanimity gives rise to a peaceful heart.


Larry Ward: Cultivating Liberation and Awareness of the Mind

Knowing how to be happy, imaginative, compassionate, wise and relevant as a human being is not easy. I find much of my frustration is coming to terms with that fact.