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Dr. Richard Davidson on Teachers and Mindfulness

Study from the Center for Healthy Minds shows mindfulness training can help reduce teacher stress and burnout.

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Energetic Boundaries and Burnout Prevention with Mara Bishop

In our intense and interconnected world, many feel overwhelmed and even burned out. Healthy energetic boundaries can help us stay present and compassionate, functioning better for ourselves and those we serve.

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My Struggle with Depression, Anxiety and Burnout (as an Entrepreneur)

Did you know that mental illnesses, such as depression, disproportionately impact the entrepreneurial community? In this video, I discuss my battle with it & my struggles with COVID-19.

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Mindfulness & Leadership | Arianna Huffington, Karen May

In this interview, Vice President of People at Google Karen May will explore with Arianna her learnings in this area, and the role of mindfulness in supporting a new generation of leadership in society.

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