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What to Expect in Art Therapy

Nicole Stiver, M.A., Art Therapist at the Swedish Cancer Institute shares what art therapy is and is not, the benefits of art therapy, what to expect during a typical visit, and how to schedule an appointment.

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Art Therapy Program Helps People with Life-Threatening Illnesses Heal

For 30 years, the "Art for Recovery" program at UCSF has helped patients with life-threatening illnesses express themselves through art in a supportive environment.

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My Body of Work: An Experience of Cancer + Art Therapy: Anise Bullimore at TEDxBow

Anise Bullimore shares with us a deeply personal and beautiful talk about the power of art to heal and to understand our emotions and her experiences with the Macmillan team.

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Art Therapy Offers Healing Creative Outlet to Loyola Medicine Cancer Patients

Loyola University Medical Center offers art therapy to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. At the Coleman Foundation Image Renewal Center in the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, they can interact with an art therapist who can guide them through creative expression.

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