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The Truth About Channels and Channeling

Channeling is the act of translating messages from another consciousness. In the spiritual field, this usually means translating messages from beings that exist outside of the 3D reality. A Channel is a person who has the ability to channel these beings.

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Blair Styra - Channeling the Spiritual Entity Here to Help Humanity

You have all reached a junction point where you are making vital decisions about not only your own personal future, but the future of Earth itself. There are always many choices that are available in regards to the outcome of life.

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Channeling Spirit Guides | “Surrendering” | Stop Resisting! Channeling Erik

Surrendering is one of the most powerful ways of being you can practice. Here Kimberly Ray Channels spirit guide Erik on the importance of surrendering. As a medium and spiritual coach, I'm inspired to share my abilities to improve the lives of others.

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