The term “channeling” is used to describe the psychic or spiritual ability to temporarily host or house another being, soul, or energy in order to let that source effect physical change, whether by speaking or through direct action. This process usually requires some aspect of ritual or altered state of consciousness, and it is often invoked for the purpose of communicating with the spirits of the dead or for spiritual healing. In most contexts, channeling is broadly considered a dangerous practice to attempt without guidance, sincerity, and care.


(Channeled Message): Why *Now* Is Go Time for the Spiritual Path (Reading)

This is a time of massive change on Planet Earth. We are all undergoing a soul transformation, key for life on the New Earth. Those who have been on the Spiritual Journey are now poised to help lead others who will be new to this kind of higher energy vibration.


Spiritual Journey (Channeled Message) Opening to Intuition

Guidance on how to start hearing your Higher Self, holding space for what comes next and embracing the 5D life. Solfleggio High Vibration and Healing Music My story: I've been making video for a loooong time.


Susie Beiler Her Spiritual Guidance & Channeling | Episode 28 They Call Us Channelers

Susie Beiler is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and lead facilitator in The Creation Temple®. With training in Occupational Therapy and Holistic Nutrition, Susie experienced a profound shift in 2004, after a sudden spiritual awakening.


Micheila Sheldan | Channeling Jeremiah | Your Physical Being as a Spiritual Vehicle | 12.13.2014

In this live demonstration given at Soul Space in Rochester Hills, Michigan on December 13, 2014, Micheila Sheldan channeled Jeremiah, as well as the King of Kings and Mary Magdalene.