Chanting is the repetitive rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds, often at only one or two pitches or tones. The presence of chanting occurs in many different belief traditions, though the prescribed practice or intended effects may differ slightly. Many have found chanting to increase connection to the Divine, heal mental blockages, protect the mind, and work to heal physical ailments.

The Secret Life of Kirtan

Kirtan master Krishna Das talks about what happens when he chants, what the mantras mean, and why sound is a powerful medium on the spiritual path.

Anjula Ram Talks with Krishna Das

Anjula: For you who don’t know, Krishna Das is known as the rock star of Yoga. He’s a kirtan singer. Could you just break down a little what kirtan is? Krishna Das: Kirtan is a chanting practice. It’s a spiritual practice, a meditational practice, but it involves singing and chanting.

Spirit: American Kirtankar, Krishna Das

When one hears a chant like Aum Namoh Bhagvate Vasudevaya, it is not a Grammy award ceremony that comes to mind as the setting of such chanting; but that is precisely what Krishna Das has been able to do—take cherished age-old Indian kirtans to a global stage such as the Grammys.

The Power of Love: A Q&A with Krishna Das

Kirtan master Krishna Das spoke with us about spiritual practice, suffering, and finding love within.

The Soul Singer

During this time of biopsies and surgeries and pathology reports, I rediscovered the music of Krishna Das, whose low, sonorous voice had been the soundtrack to my weekly yoga class for years.

Krishna Das Interview

On Kirtan, what makes music sacred, and his inspiration from Neem Karoli Baba.

Krishna Das: Bhakti with a Dash of Blues

“I understand there are people who feel that what happens in the West with chanting is ridiculous—what do we know about chanting?” says Krishna Das, the white guy from Long Island whose name is synonymous with Indian mantric music in America. “That’s really dumb.

Krishna Das Talks About His Music, His Guru, and His Practice

He’s driven a school bus, dabbled in the blues, and meditated in the jungles and ashrams of India, but today Krishna Das is known as the King of Kirtan.

Krishna Das on Saints, Creating Happiness, and Saving Your Own Ass…

If the Kirtan world had rockstars, it would Krishna Das. Originally from Long Island KD, as he is affectionately known, spent the late 60s travelling and living in India where he met his guru Neem Karoli Baba, known to most as Maharaj-ji.


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