Child Depression & challenges with teens

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Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls (25th Anniversary Edition)

In 1994, Reviving Ophelia was published, and it shone a much-needed spotlight on the problems faced by adolescent girls. The book became iconic and helped to reframe the national conversation about what author Mary Pipher called “a girl-poisoning culture” surrounding adolescents.

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Cutting and Self-Harm Behaviors in Teens

These behaviors are more common than you might think with an estimated range of 6.4% to 30.8% of teens admitting to trying to harm themselves.

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Raising Resilient Adolescents with Erica Komisar

In this class, psychoanalyst and author Erica Komisar discusses the science behind raising resilient adolescents, an age group that is facing more mental distress than ever. Ms.

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