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This Brain Cell Revolutionizes Mental Health - The Agenda

It's one of most paradigm-shifting and powerful stories in the history of medicine, writes Donna Jackson Nakazawa. From MS to Parkinson's to Lupus and depression and schizophrenia the microglia, a tiny brain cell, is changing how we understand physical and psychiatric illness.

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Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Interview with Donna Jackson Nakazawa about how childhood adversity and​ trauma not only adversely affect our emotional lives but our physical well being as adults, and how we can reset our biology and help ourselves and our loved ones to heal.

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The Autoimmune Epidemic

With the help of leading experts, Nakazawa explores revolutionary preventions, treatments, and cures emerging around the world and offers practical advice for protecting your immune system and reducing your risk of autoimmune disease in the future.

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