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Opioids, Pain, Addiction, and the Brain - Saving the Brain 2017

Cottage Health Director of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, Dr. Paul Erickson, MD, discusses the neurology behind chronic pain, opioids, and addiction. Presented at the 2017 Saving The Brain Symposium on November 3, 2017 in Santa Barbara, CA.

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IEP Radio #14: Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) with Annie Hopper—Retraining the Brain

On this episode we discuss: -Annie Hopper’s personal story -What is neuroplasticity, and why is it important for our understanding of both the origin and treatment of chronic disease? -What is a “limbic system injury” (LSI) or “limbic system impairment” and what causes it? -What...

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David Spiegel—Tranceformation—Hypnosis in Brain and Body

Hypnosis is a specific form of brain activity that involves highly focused attention, coupled with dissociation, openness to suggestion, and an enhanced ability to modulate perception.

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