Climate Change

Climate change, referring to drastic changes in the earth’s weather or temperature, is a broad topic that affects all life on our planet. We are currently undergoing global warming, a climate change that has been directly caused by human influence, especially the burning of fossil fuels and global deforestation. Predicted global warming effects are already underway, heightening the frequency and intensity of regularly occurring natural disasters—such as hurricanes, droughts and heat waves, fires, and flooding—which have displaced many people and challenged quality of life everywhere. The solution to these catastrophes is within our grasp, but it requires all of us to pressure political and business leaders on a societal level to alter industrial behaviors on a scale that can halt our globe’s catastrophic trends. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Rev. Liz Theoharis of Poor People’s Campaign Arrested in Protest over Voting Rights & Infrastructure

Nearly 100 women from around the United States were arrested outside the Supreme Court as they marked the 173rd anniversary of the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls with a protest calling for voting rights and economic justice.


A New Love Declaration: Ervin Laszlo at TEDxNavigli

Ervin Laszlo is an integral philosopher, system theorist, founder of the Club of Budapest, who brings a holistic perspective on the individual, society and the world. In this talk Ervin stresses the importance of Love for the world at large.


John A. Powell - Beloved Community | Bioneers

As humanity faces global environmental and social collapse, our fear of the “Other” can be magnified by unstable contracting economies, radically shifting demographics, and new social norms. Can humanity overcome these divisions and come together to protect our common home? john a.


Encouragement to Young Activists - on Anger, Love and Grief with Satish Kumar| Lh, Nov 2020

Br Phap Lai interviews Satish Kumar. In this clip, Satish shares his insights on acting from anger or from love, healthy grieving for Mother Earth, and his vision for the way forward in these times of climate change.


Environmental Exploitation