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The Impact of Growing Up in a Domination Culture (W/ Riane Eisler)

Riane Eisler joins the Thom Hartmann program, warning that we are in regression and that we can still make progress, if we handle regressions from human rights victories, like the election of Donald Trump.

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Riane Eisler: Recreating Our Past, Recreating Our Future - Thinking Allowed DVD W/ J. Mishlove

At the dawn of modern civilization, says Riane Eisler, humanity shifted from a partnership model of social interaction to a dominator model.

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Riane Eisler: How to Lead in a Post-Pandemic World Keynote Speech

The post Covid-19 world provides an opportunity to make fundamental changes: to accelerate the shift from domination, man over man, man over woman, race over race, so on, to partnership. To relationships guided by mutual accountability, respect, and caring.

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