Collaboration means working together in efficient and sustainable ways. A successful collaboration requires buy-in from each of its members to respect and appreciate what each individual has to offer to the group’s goal. Healthy collaboration has been proven to increase productivity, creativity, and engagement among team members. Good communication, organization, flexibility, room for debate, positivity, and the ability to dream big all contribute to a collaborative team. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Creative Collaboration Is What Humans Do Best

Humans have incredible creative potential. Our knack for creating megacities, double-decker airplanes, cures for hundreds of diseases, symphonies, and virtual reality games, among other remarkable inventions, attests to our capacity to imagine possibilities and make them real.

Collaborative Problem Solvers Are Made Not Born – Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether it’s a high-tech company figuring out how to shrink its carbon footprint, or a local community trying to identify new revenue sources, people are continually dealing with problems that require input from others.

The Art of Creativity

When the creative spirit stirs, it animates a style of being: a lifetime filled with the desire to innovate, to explore new ways of doing things, to bring dreams of reality.

Are You Solving the Right Problem?

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein said.

The 4 Most Effective Ways Leaders Solve Problems

"As Karl Popper, one of the most influential 20th century philosophers of science, once eloquently stated, 'All life is problem solving.' I’ve often contended that the best leaders are the best problem solvers..."

Celebrating Crisis: Towards a Culture of Cooperation

Humanity, like all other species of Earth before and with us, is evolving—and evolution, for humans as for all species, is neither predictably linear nor solely Darwinian.

Fostering Creativity: 12 Tips for Boosting Your Creative Skills

Creativity has been valued throughout human history. It has also been called “the skill of the future” (Powers, 2018).