Community Transformation and Healing

When traumas affect whole communities, the methods used for healing and transformation can differ than those used to treat individuals. And while some collective traumas, like natural disasters or pandemics, seem to affect everyone indiscriminately, there are usually unique communities within larger populations who bear more diverse or intense consequences than others. Some communities face traumas directly inflicted on them by other communities or institutions of power. Like generational trauma, communal trauma can leave long-lasting and complex wounds among its individual members. The most successful path to community transformation and healing is usually one initiated inside a community, with the involvement and empowerment of the people most affected, and using methods and practices each community develops or is already comfortable with. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Can the World Mend in This Body?

The author writes that what she does on behalf of healing any individual or being must also be healing, even if not directly extended, for the world itself.

Larayia Gaston is Here To Feed L.A.

In August, Gaston opened LaRayia’s Bodega borne of her wish to blend her passion for wellness and holistic healing with a drive to help Los Angeles’ inner city population.

Only Bridging Can Heal a World of Breaking

Diversity can be a great strength, but it is susceptible to manipulation when not accompanied by community leaders from all backgrounds willing and able to bridge across difference.

A New Superpower—An ‘Earth Voice’ Movement

A new superpower is emerging on the Earth. This new superpower is arising from the combined voice and conscience of the world’s citizens mobilized through the global communications revolution.

Beautiful People: LaRayia Gaston, Food Activist + Founder

Food is love—that message is clear in the work being done by LaRayia Gaston, activist and founder of Lunch On Me, which feeds 10,000 organic, plant-based meals to the homeless each month.

Interview with Marshall Rosenberg: The Traveling Peacemaker

Whether he’s working in a war-torn area or an inner-city slum, Rosenberg’s goal is the same: to teach and encourage compassionate communication

New Approaches to Healing Collective Conflict and Trauma: Our Responsibility as Global Citizens

Trauma takes the form of broken lives, of people who can’t move on with their lives, people who are mourning and grieving. There’s so much disruption.

The Power of One

It's time to open our minds and hearts to the innumerable connections we share with others—in our families, communities, social systems, and on our planet—and strive to understand what it means to be human now.

Quantum Potential

We must think of ourselves as a tribe — as an international community that has come together with a common purpose and we know we all have to do it together.

Beyond Good and Evil

It sounds simple, yet it’s more than a technique for resolving conflict. It’s a different way of understanding human motivation and behavior. - D. Killian


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