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Theist vs Atheist - the Divine Delusion | Mahatria on Spirituality

‘He doesn’t believe in God. Why is everything going right for him in life?’ - Is this a question that keeps coming to you? Just because you believe in God, is everything going right in your life? Mahatria expounds the truth in this video.

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Stan Grof & Michael Harner in Dialogue Presented by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Stan Grof and Michael Harner discuss Holotropic Breathwork and shamanism. Stanislav Grof's professional career has covered a period of over 50 years in which his primary interest has been research of the therapeutic potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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Zalman Schachter Shalomi • Faith Is Different Than Beliefs • from Beyond Beliefs

The documentary film BEYOND BELIEF, directed by Jim Lemkin, explores the nature, uses and limits of beliefs and the consequences of unexamined beliefs.

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