The heart of compassion centers on the selfless compulsion to alleviate suffering. While compassion is similar to empathy and sympathy in the ability to commiserate and feel another’s emotions, the spirit of compassion moves a person to act in order to reduce pain. Compassion is the central tenet of many belief traditions, most notably Buddhism, and has been rigorously studied in recent decades for its physical and mental health benefits. Learning to be compassionate toward others—and ourselves—is a cornerstone to many aspects of well-being.

Self-Care and Care for Others in Dark Times…

Given the state of things, especially in recent weeks, it appears that WE must be the heroes, the spiritual warriors, and bodhisattvas that we seek and that the world needs.

So Others May Live

The real, profound worth of life is revealed when one’s life is dedicated to the well-being of humanity.

The Helper’s High

Suffering is inevitable. But James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander argue that responding to pain with compassion, care, and generosity is key to a joyful life.

You’re Ready Enough

Wherever you find yourself, says Pema Khandro, that’s the starting point of the bodhisattva path—all you need to do is take that first step.

Stand Up for What You Love

I have been hearing from a lot of people lately that something has broken open and it’s harder to ignore the suffering around us.

A Conversation with Alice Walker

The bestselling author discusses her role as a global citizen and her connection with nature, history, and activism

Compassion Games—Survival of the Kindest

Given the success of the Compassion Games, the question arises: How can communities create opportunities for caring to be expressed more easily?

Marianne Williamson: Love Is the Bottom Line

Twenty years after she introduced a new generation to A Course in Miracles in her bestselling book, A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson is still taking on the world—with a renewed call to political activism.


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