Confidence is a feeling of trust in your choices and capabilities to carry you through any challenges you may encounter. Confidence isn’t merely an assumption of success: it’s faith in your abilities to overcome the unexpected or endure disappointments. It is a flexible state of mind that accepts that things not going as expected or hoped for doesn’t reflect a personal failing. We admire people with confidence because they tend to put us at ease, accept us for who we are, and remind us that we don’t need to doubt ourselves as we work through challenges. For those of us who struggle with confidence, the good news is that it is a state of mind we can develop through practices such as positive thinking, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage

Yes―you can change your life by changing your thoughts. In A Year of Positive Thinking, you’ll transform your mindset to create positive life changes―one thought, one day, and one year at a time.


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