Connection with Nature

Human beings are a part of nature, but we often live and act as if we are somehow separate or outside of it. It’s no surprise then that we find turning to nature as a place for healing, ritual, self-reflection, personal growth, and awe can physically improve our health, happiness, and well-being. Beauty, space, life, pattern, natural resources, and changing seasons and light—even viewing art and film depictions of nature—all have positive impacts on our brains: our nerves are calmed, and we sense more creativity, openness, generosity, resilience, connection, and oneness. Regaining our connection to nature can have many facets, all of which improve our well-being.

Our Spiritual Connection to Nature

The realities explored in science and spirituality are often assumed to be unrelated to one another. Both find their basis in a spirit of inquiry. Modern science is objective analysis, while spirituality is subjective understanding.

To Be an Earth Ecstatic: Poet Diane Ackerman on the Spirituality of Wonder Without Religion

Branchings of belief from the lovely common root of “holy” and “whole” in the interleaving of all things.

Consciousness, Cosmos, and the Fate of Life on Earth – a Mahb Dialogue with Science Philosopher and Systems Theorist Ervin Laszlo

All of us, all of the web of life on Earth, must come together to form the symphony of oneness. That is the purpose of our existence. It is our contribution to the world.

A Religious Nature: Philosopher Seyyed Hossein Nasr on Islam and the Environment

In this interview, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, a university professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University, talks with the Bulletin’s Elisabeth Eaves about Islam and the environment.

Wonder and the Sacred Search for Truth: Ann Druyan on Why the Scientific Method Is Like Love

An invitation “to feel more intensely the romance of science and the wonder of being alive right now, at these particular coordinates in spacetime, less alone, more at home, here in the cosmos.”


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