The word “consciousness” describes a state of awareness of our internal and external existence. It has been debated, explored, analyzed, and written about across philosophical, spiritual, and psychological traditions and throughout human history—and still remains largely mysterious, despite the fact that so much of animate life possesses it. Our search to understand consciousness—both our own and others’—can be described as the most quintessential human action that we can take in our existence.


The War on Consciousness

What is death? Our materialist science reduces everything to matter, materialist science in the West says that we are just meat, we’re just our bodies. So when the brain is dead, that’s the end of consciousness, there is no life after death, there is no soul; we just rot and are gone.


Terence McKenna - Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Life


Terence McKenna: Sacred Plants as Guides—New Dimensions of the Soul (Part 2)

"A day-long workshop at Clairmont College in Southern California [in 1991] addressing the Jung Society of the greater Los Angeles area, was an unusual setting and analogies to instruct, suggest and enchant what might be called a group "with a rich inner life" that was not necessarily psychedelic.


Ralph Metzner: Expansion of Consciousness of the Individual and Society (2011)

This fascinating talk by Ralph Metzner Ph.D., pioneering psychologist involved in consciousness research for over 50 years, covers the subject of alchemy according to Jung´s psychology and the many ways alchemy can be used as a tool for personal transformation.


The Last Word | Terence McKenna Documentary


Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. (on Report from Santa Fe)

This week’s guest on “Report from Santa Fe” is Ralph Metzner, PhD, psychologist, writer, and researcher, who participated in psychedelic research at Harvard University in the early 1960s with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (later named Ram Dass).


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