The word “consciousness” describes a state of awareness of our internal and external existence. It has been debated, explored, analyzed, and written about across philosophical, spiritual, and psychological traditions and throughout human history—and still remains largely mysterious, despite the fact that so much of animate life possesses it. Our search to understand consciousness—both our own and others’—can be described as the most quintessential human action that we can take in our existence.


Amit Goswami: Quantum Physics & Consciousness, Part 2 of 3

Amit Goswami, Ph.D ON Quantum Physics & Consciousness, Why do we all feel separate.


Judith Blackstone—Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

In this way, we discover an authentic, quality-rich experience of our individual being at the same time as we transcend our individuality. We realize ourselves as unified consciousness, pervading everywhere.


What Makes the Realization Process Unique

Judith Blackstone talks about how the Realization Process differs from other approaches to nondual realization.


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