Fear is an emotion, but courage is a decision. We can choose to be brave. Instead of seeing courage as the absence of fear, we can embrace courage as the ability to manage our fears. Although courage and fear are often intertwined, by focusing on courage instead of fear, we can make headway. Development of courage comes through looking at what we have control over, surveying alternatives and options, and making decisions based on what’s possible. Practicing courage builds confidence and rounds us out.

The Voice of Nelson Mandela

Major speeches and letters from the life and career of South Africa’s first black president, organized by date, topic and readers’ favorites.

Oprah Talks to Nelson Mandela

I had the honor of meeting Mandela in person—and just sitting in the same room with him was like being in the presence of both grace and royalty. Even now, I can hardly believe that after living in a cell for nearly three decades, he is unscathed by bitterness.

Trickle Down Revolution

Here in India, even in the midst of all the violence and greed, there is still immense hope. If anyone can do it, we can do it, writes Arundhati Roy.

Arts of the Possible: Adrienne Rich on Writing, Capitalism, Freedom, and How Silence Fertilizes the Human Imagination

“The impulse to create begins—often terribly and fearfully—in a tunnel of silence. Every real poem is the breaking of an existing silence.”