Criticism and Rejection

Criticism and rejection, as painful as they may be, can lead to learning new ways of being in relationship with others and ourselves. Criticism can actually provide us with crucial feedback and opportunities for introspection, self-evaluation, and reassessment. Discerning what criticism is worth listening to—and what to let pass us by—is a skill that is essential to self-growth and success. And learning how to give criticism to others in a constructive way is one of the most useful skills we can develop to become a productive collaborator and community member. Our fear of criticism and rejection can keep us from making meaningful social connections and expanding our capabilities; leaning into self-compassion and self-worth can keep us grounded and growing.


Tara Mohr: “Playing Big” Keynote—The 2014 3% Conference

In this keynote, Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big, talks about how about women can unhook from praise and criticism and play big on their own terms.


How to Lose Social Anxiety

This is video is about how to lose your social anxiety or social anxiety disorder. The video first explains why you have social anxiety or social anxiety disorder. That is, because you have a self image that is impacted by others’ opinions.


Tapping for Rejection and Abandonment—EFT with Brad Yates


Panache Desai: Change Your Energy, Change Your Life; the Hidden Dimension of Yoga

Panache Desai discusses the letting go of notions that no longer serve us, and how to align with your true nature so you can live as you truly are.


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