Crystals are fossilized minerals that are used as complementary tools for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing purposes. Crystals are present in various healing traditions, and can be seen as sources of energy, amplifiers or dampeners of cosmic or spiritual energies, or as sacred elements of rituals. Crystals can be used in physical arrangements, worn on the body, or used as infusions for tinctures.

Crystals for Emotional Healing: A Contemporary Guide

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, confusion, grief, anger, or another difficult emotion, you can learn how to tap in to the transformative energy of crystals so you can begin healing.

Crystals for Energy Healing: A Practical Sourcebook of 100 Crystals

Crystals for Energy is a comprehensive source book of 100 essential crystals for spiritual healing and all-round protection.

Gemstones A to Z: A Handy Reference to Healing Crystals

Legendary healer Diane Stein shares her extensive knowledge of gemstones in this concise agate-to-zircon reference. Each listing includes the stone's common name, its corresponding color and chakra, and a concise resume of its healing properties.

Crystal Healing & the Human Energy Field: A Beginner’s Guide

This book is about energy and vibrations and is ideal for those who are beginning to learn about the human energy field. There is a chapter on the aura, a description of the layers of the aura, as well as how to heal the aura with crystals if it is damaged.

Spirit Allies: Meet Your Team from the Other Side

From ancient Egyptians to modern day witches, King Solomon to Native American shamans, individuals throughout time have possessed the power to work with the spirit world. But it's not necessary to be a Tibetan holy man or ghost hunter to communicate with the other side.

All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing

“By the study, experimentation and practice of natural healing, women are changing and charting the future of health care. Despite heavy resistance or lack of recognition from patriarchal medicine, they are nevertheless making positive changes that will continue and increase.

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

Vibrational Medicine has gained widespread acceptance by individuals, schools, and health-care institutions nationwide as the textbook of choice for the study of alternative medicine. Trained in a variety of alternative therapies as well as conventional Western medicine, Dr.

The Women's Book of Healing: Auras, Chakras, Laying On of Hands, Crystals, Gemstones, and Colors

Women are naturally healers. Throughout time, they have performed curative roles as mothers, midwives, caregivers, and wisewomen, but modern medicine has suppressed this important tradition.

The Essence of Sound: Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing for the Meridians, Chakras, Auric Fields & Figure Eight Energies

The Essence of Sound is one of the most comprehensive guides to the body's energy systems available today.


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