Death or Loss of a Child

The death or loss of a child—at any age—is one of the most painful experiences imaginable, causing deep grieving, devastation, and often an intense feeling of emptiness. A child’s death seems antagonistic to the natural process of life, and it is sometimes perceived as the ultimate tragedy. Many parents experience a crisis of faith at the death of their child, wondering how their worldview can accommodate such deep pain and unfairness. Many normal condolences seem insufficient, and parents frequently feel that others can have no understanding of their experience. To compound their isolation, the tragedy of child death can feel overwhelming to those near to the child’s family, causing them to distance themselves. For these reasons, support groups and resources from other grieving parents have proven especially effective in finding a way to work through this immeasurable suffering.


My Son Died by Suicide | Jason Reid Speech | Goalcast

In this Goalcast Original, Jason Reid and a group of fathers have an intense conversation about teen suicide. Jason shares his heartfelt story as well as crucial parenting advice that can have life-saving consequences.


Dealing with Sudden Death or the Loss of a Child

"Dealing with Sudden Death or the Loss of a Child", is taken from Linda Kavelin-Popov's November 2012 Book Launch for Graceful Endings: Navigating the Journey of Loss and Grief. This special talk was recorded at ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island, on November 11, 2012.


Losing a Child | My Journey Through Grief

Even if you've been raised by wolves, at some point you will experience grief. It's natural. Losing a child, however, is not.


The Death of a Child

Anam Cara is an all-Ireland organization supporting parents and families after the death of a son or daughter (through any circumstance or at any age).


#076 - Bearing the Unbearable (Dr. Joanne Cacciatore)

Traumatic loss counselor and founder of the MISS Foundation, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore joins us to discuss traumatic grief, and more specifically the experience of losing a child.


Bearing The Unbearable: Grieving The Loss of a Child with guest speaker Dr Joanne Cacciatore

Join Dr Jo Cacciatore, sharing her reflections on love, loss and the heart-breaking path of grief for a child. Hosted by The Compassionate Friends, UK on 4 May 2021.


Poetry Breaks: Lucille Clifton Reads “The Lost Baby Poem”

Poetry Breaks features short videos of internationally renowned poets reading their work, reading the work of other poets, and discussing their takes on poetry in a variety of locations.


What My Daughter's Death Taught Me About Life | Eric Hodgdon | TEDxyoungstown

“As an element of the human condition, we will experience loss regardless of our income, social status, or educational background.


Out of Order: Dealing with the Death of a Child

This video is helpful for bereaved parents who have experienced the death of a teen or adult child. You will hear how three couples have experienced their grief, what has helped them and how they honor and keep connections to the memories of their children.


Parents of Teens Who Died by Suicide Share Grief and Advice

CBS News is committed to stopping the stigma surrounding mental health, taking the shame and blame out of discussing mental illness. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers in the U.S. A recent study found that teen suicide jumped 56 percent from 2007 to 2017.


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