Death or Loss of a Parent

The death or loss of a parent should not be underestimated, even if they are in old age and the child is an adult. The loss of a source of loving support, even if expected, can be devastating. Alternately, if a parent is suffering, death may be a source of relief. If the parent is estranged, their death may be met with little or no feeling at all—and that can in turn inspire guilt or confusion. A young child experiencing the death or loss of a parent may go through profound emotional turmoil, with bouts of feeling overwhelmed, sad, depressed, pressured to take on new responsibilities, isolated, and angry, while someone experiencing the loss of a parent while a young adult may feel adrift or isolated from their peers. At any age, there may be legal, financial, or practical impacts that add stress and complicate the grieving process. Self-compassion and professional support can be two key features of working through this difficult time.


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