Death or Loss of an Animal Companion

The death or loss of an animal companion is a painful and possibly traumatic experience for those who experience an animal as a beloved family member. Feelings about the death are often similar to feelings about loss of a person, including sorrow, grief, and a deep sense of loss.


Why Losing a Dog Feels Like Losing a Family Member

Humans have a special - and somewhat an odd - relationship with dogs. 60% of Americans own a pet, and the most popular of them are dogs. Our relationship with them actually goes back pretty far.


My Cat Died.


The Rainbow Bridge, Animals in Transition | Joan Ranquet | TEDxWilmingtonWomen

You know the rainbow bridge, right? That meadow in front of the pearly gates where our deceased animals wait for us so they can escort us into heaven when we die? Animal Communicator, Joan Ranquet, shares a personal journey as well as professional observations about animals in transition to the rain...


Our Pets: Rethinking the Way We Say Goodbye | Jackie Campbell | TEDxSouthBank

Alongside this important work, Jackie is the Brisbane clinic co-ordinator for a charity that brings together volunteer vets and nurses, in order to provide free veterinary care for pets of people experiencing homelessness in our community.


Pets in Heaven | Help with Extreme Grief After Pet Loss | Rainbow Bridge

Has your pet crossed over a while ago? Are you having trouble sleeping or eating because you miss her so much and it's been years? Are you wondering how to deal with loss? Has it been several years and you still miss her as if you were with her yesterday? In this video, Animal Communicator, Dani...


3 Things to Do for Pet Loss and Pet Grief | Animal Afterlife & Rainbow Bridge

Has your pet recently passed to the Other Side? Do you feel guilt and regret around this? As an animal communicator (yes, that's pet psychic), I've had the opportunity to work intuitively with tens of thousands of animals in the animal afterlife.


8 What Happens After an Animal Crosses into the Light? Pet Loss TV Program W Brent Atwater

Where do animals go when they die? When My pet dies, does it heal on the other side or sleep?


Euthanasia, Pet Loss and Healing - I Say Goodbye to Two Pets in One Week

The Bow Tie Vet Guy says goodbye to his two cats less than one week apart. Dr. Mike shows his personal story on camera of his thoughts before, during and after euthanasia.


Joe Rogan & Kevin Smith Get Emotional Talking About Their Dogs Dying

Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith on having to put their dogs down.


Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon recently lost his beloved bulldog, Lulu. Veterinarian Courtney Campbell offers advice on coping with the loss of a pet.


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