Death or Loss of a Partner or Spouse

Losing a spouse or partner is one of the hardest things we can experience. The grief can take a deep physical and psychological toll and cause a crisis of meaning and faith, especially if the relationship was especially close or the circumstances of the loss sudden or painful. After the immediate shock, many survivors find it is a long process of experiencing small, sharp losses to normalcy that seem to appear at random as we learn to re-navigate life without our partner, whatever our age. We also find ourselves facing social expectations around our grief and judgments about if and when we want to explore new relationships. Each of us has to walk a unique journey to process our grief and fold the love for our spouse back into our lives.


H H Dalai Lama: Coping with Loss and Sorrow

In this clip H.H. the Dalai Lama answers a question about how to deal with sorrow, loss and sadness when losing a loved one.


Grieving the Death of a Spouse (Grief) - with JP Sears

How can you move through the grieving process with the death of your spouse? In this video I share how to make space for the pain, helplessness, and sense that you don't know how to move on.


What I Learned from My Husband's Suicide | Lori Prichard | TEDxOgden

How do you beat back the bully inside your brain that weaves a web of lies telling you you're not good enough, successful enough? Lori Prichard walks us through her husband's struggle with depression that ultimately led him to take his own life.


The Journey Through Loss and Grief | Jason B. Rosenthal

In her brutally honest, ironically funny and widely read meditation on death, "You May Want to Marry My Husband," the late author and filmmaker Amy Krouse Rosenthal gave her husband Jason very public permission to move on and find happiness.


Patton Oswalt Expresses the Terror of Speaking About His Late Wife on Stage

Patton Oswalt didn't know what to do with himself after the passing of his wife, and speaking publicly about his grieving process was certainly far from his mind, until eventually he remembered "What I know how to do is go on stage". What ensued was his latest Netflix special 'Annihilation'.


Fighting Loneliness After Losing a Partner

When someone you spent your whole life with dies it leaves a massive void. Kim and Vernon both lost their partners, but have looked to the community around them to ease the loneliness they feel.


How a Loved One’s Death Can Influence You Physically –Sadhguru

When one loses a parent, how can one recover from the grief? And what can one do that would be beneficial for that being? –Sadhguru answers


Rory Feek on What It's Like Being a Single Father | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

The country singer and songwriter explains his experience losing his wife Joey Martin Feek to cancer and having to raise young kids.


Life After Diagnosis | Kay Redfield Jamison | Big Think

Kay Redfield Jamison discusses how she and her late husband found profound delight in his final years as well as the commanding power of the grieving process.


A 97-Year-Old Philosopher Faces His Own Death


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