Death-Positive Movement

The death-positive movement is a movement that encourages people to embrace the fact that death is a natural part of life and to speak openly about all aspects of it. Doing so allows us to become less anxious about dying and to become proactive in dealing with it, from researching end-of-life care options to letting our loved ones know about our final wishes. Many supporters of death positivity agree with various traditions’ belief that a healthy relationship with death allows us to live fuller, freer lives.


Death Positivity: Dealing with Grief Differently | NBC Left Field

There’s a growing death positivity movement, which aims to open up conversations on grief and death and argues that discussing the end of life can improve the way we live.


What Is the Death Positive Movement? | with Caitlin Doughty | Brut

Death—it happens to everyone, but it’s steeped in misunderstanding and negativity. That’s why mortician Caitlin Doughty, aka “Ask A Mortician” on YouTube, wants to open up the conversation about death and dying.


Frank Ostaseski: The Five Invitations—What Death Can Teach Us About Living

TNS Host Steve Heilig for a conversation with Frank Ostaseski—Buddhist teacher, international lecturer, and a leading voice in contemplative end-of-life care—about his new book: The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully.


A Mortician on What It Means to Be Death Positive

Ask a Mortician’s Caitlin Doughty tells TFD what it means to be “death positive,” plus other misconceptions about a healthy way to deal with death.


The Corpses that Changed My Life | Caitlin Doughty | TEDxVienna

In her talk, Caitlin takes us around the world, to demonstrate how other cultures enjoy a more intimate, meaningful relationship with death.


Welcome to the Order of the Good Death

The Order of the Good Death is a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality.


6 Positive Ways to Overcome a Fear of Death

We’ve lived a good life. At this point, we are able to look back on the years and count our blessings. We have created a community of friends, relatives and colleagues that stretch out more than 60 years. We are excited about having our time to grow and enjoy our lives.


Frank Ostaseski on the Wisdom of End-of-Life Care

Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski has been one of the leading voices in contemplative end-of-life care since the 1980s.


What It Means to Show Up at the End of Life | Louise Winter & Anna Lyons | TEDxLausanneWomen

Louise and Anna explore how in facing death, we can live a better life.


These Seniors Are Facing Death Their Own Way

The Coffin Club faces death with a song. In New Zealand, seniors are taking death into their own hands, meeting once a week to build and decorate their own coffins. It may sound macabre.


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