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Disconnection Syndrome: Dr. David Perlmutter on the Neurology of Bad Habits

Functional neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter explains how our modern lives have actually changed our brains, making it harder for us to make smart, healthy decisions.

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The Power of Human Potential | Robert Bridgeman | TEDxZwolle

Robert Bridgeman explores the human potential and how to connect to our higher consciousness, to influence our immune system and body temperature. Robert will share an amazing story with you about 26 heroes, who climbed mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in just 48 hours and dressed in shorts.

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The Neuroscience of Decision-Making: Are We Foul or Fair? | Kimberly Papillon | TEDxNashvilleWomen

Did you know that brain scans can tell us what tricks us, scares us, and keeps us from solving problems? Facial features, accents or just a name can change the way our brains react when we meet people.

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