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Buckminster Fuller on an Economic System Based on Abundance not Scarcity

Buckminster Fuller knew it was possible to feed clothe house and educate every man woman and child on Earth... and that our current economic system is based on the belief that we can not do that.

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Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Vice-Presidential Nomination Speech in 1984

In 1984, Barbara Marx Hubbard decided to launch an idea campaign for the vice presidency of the United States at the suggestion of Buckminster Fuller. Her campaign was based on the idea of creating an Office for the Future to SCAN FOR, MAP, CONNECT AND COMMUNICATE WHAT IS WORKING IN THE WORLD.

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J. Krishnamurti in Conversation with David Bohm: Is There an Action Not Touched by Thought?

Q: What is the future of man? All the problems that humanity has now, psychologically and in other ways, are the result of thought. We are pursuing the same pattern of thought, and thought will never solve any of these problems. The whole structure of the me is put together by thought.

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