Ecospirituality recognizes the indelible connection between human beings and our natural environment. It is a principle that connects the science of ecology with spirituality, making environmental activism a spiritual practice. Proponents of of ecospirituality come from all walks of life as we all are deeply effected by the world we live in. Their focus, methods, and philosophies may vary drastically, but all are motivated by a strong sense of responsibility toward preserving and protecting the environment. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Calling All Eco-Sattvas: Buddhism and Climate Change

If we open to the possibility that a major paradigm shift of awareness around climate change is possible, we can become part of the tipping point that can make a huge difference to humanity, all other life forms and a planet crying out for our loving care.

Choosing Earth with Duane and Colleen Elgin

Duane offers a whole-systems view of the converging adversity trends facing humanity and three major scenarios for the future that are most likely to emerge from these powerful trends.

Earth Care Week: Buddhists Respond to Climate Change

Perhaps an annual Earth Care Week or Earth Day won’t be something that we mark on a calendar but rather our natural way of being as a species and as responsible stewards on this amazing planet that is our home.

We Are Bio-Cosmic Beings Learning to Live in a Living Universe

The transition from self-serving separation to world-serving cooperation confronts us with an evolutionary crisis: Who are we? What kind of Universe do we live in? Where are we going?


Connection with Nature