Ego Dissolution

Ego dissolution, or ego death, is the complete loss of subjective self-identity. Some see this as a symbolic transition of oneself dying so that a new version of the self can be ushered in—a transformation of identity—while others see it as a temporary phase or experience of connecting with a form of universal energy or consciousness. This “death” can often come from working with psychedelic medicines, but it is not exclusive to this experience: it is often described as a stage of enlightenment in several spiritual traditions, achieved through ritual, meditation, or trance.


Adyashanti - What Is Enlightenment?

what we perceive every day through the distorted lens of ego is the truly altered state - we see things that don't exist, we believe things that aren't happening, and we live in a false world of our own creation.


Adi Da Samraj: Ego Death