Empowerment is a multi-layered social process that allows individuals and communities to act with autonomy, confidently representing themselves and their abilities with authority and determination. Empowerment can involve removing previous constraints or providing the tools and supports needed for previously powerless individuals or communities to act with self-determination. True empowerment requires that those assisting in the process retain no power, gain, or leverage against those they are helping. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Vision: For New Beginnings, Take Back Your Mind!

Michael Bernard Beckwith presented: "Vision: For New Beginnings, Take Back Your Mind!" at Agape International Spiritual Center on 1/8/17


The Empowering Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Tough Times | Super Soul Sunday | OWN

Spiritual pioneer Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals the questions that can shift your perspective when you've hit rock bottom.


Human Potential