Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is a hands-on healing and energy medicine technique that focuses on removing blockages or imbalances in the body’s energy field to allow the body to heal from ailments and flourish in health. This technique works with the assistance of a healer, who aligns the body’s energy clear of disruption to cure the body of physical or emotional disorder. There are many ancient and modern methods that accomplish the goal of energy balancing, such as reiki, acupuncture, and aura cleansing.

What Is Energy Balancing?

When the energy of the body flows without disruption, you are in perfect health. When this energy is out of balance, disease occurs. Imbalances can be physical or emotional. Energy Balancing practices aim to restore this balance.

Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

We bristle at the designation of certain qualities being inherently “masculine” (i.e., assertive, dominant) and others being “feminine” (i.e., intuitive, caring).

Benefits of Polarity Therapy and Energy Balancing

Polarity therapy is an alternative therapy that involves balancing the flow of energy in the body to improve or maintain health. It was developed by the chiropractor and osteopath Randolph Stone.

Honoring Our Life Force: Energy Medicine Helps Restore Balance and Harmony

In William James’ famous hypothesis, “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous, and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.

The Alchemy of Inner Peace

The Taoist appeal for the rediscovery of an unspoiled inner Self satisfies timeless human longings: shedding burdens, feeling whole, being connected.

Turning Point Q&A with Donna Eden

Describe what you do in 15 words or less. I teach people about their energies and how to work with them to enhance health and vitality.

Crystals for Depression: 16 Stones to Clear the Mind

When the black dog is snapping at your heels, harnessing the power of these gentle healing crystals could just help. We explore the best crystals for working with depression.

4 Techniques to Ground, Heal, and Balance Your Energy Levels

You don’t have to be a Reiki master to bring energy healing into your everyday life. Whenever you feel misaligned, you can use these four techniques to ground, heal, and balance your energy levels—just the way a professional energy healer would help restore and balance you.

How Donna Eden Is Making People Healthier with Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is one of the most well-known and successful Energy Healers of our time. For nearly four decades she has been teaching over 100,000 people—both professionals and laypeople—how to work with their body’s energy systems to reclaim their health and vitality.

How I Learned to Harness My Gift of Seeing Energy to Help People Heal Themselves

Simple chakra and tapping practices can help heal the body, build vitality, relieve stress and anxiety, and boost confidence.


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Energy Healing