Energy Healing for Animals

There are many methods developed for manipulating animals’ energy fields to promote their healing and well-being. While animals’ energy systems differ slightly from that of humans, many principles remain the same as those of humans. Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) is a touch and energy healing technique to help balance and regulate animal bodies developed by former vet tech Carol Komitor.


William Bengston, Ph.D. Part 2 Visionary Scientists Series

William Bengston discusses the materialist vs. post-materialist scientific paradigm, the concept of consilience, and his healing technique working with mice injected with breast cancer, as well as disrupted cells. His cycling technique may be replicated as a harmonic signal.


Healing Research and Practice with William Bengston

Here he describes how he began his investigations as a young man who encountered a psychic healer who served as his mentor and friend. When his friend backed out of participation in a healing experiment with cancer-injected mice, Bengston stepped in unwillingly.


William Bengston - the Energy Cure on Provocative Enlightenment

William F. Bengston (Bill) is a professor of sociology at St. Josephs College in New York. His “day job” areas of specialization include research methods and statistics.


Ep011 Dr Bill Bengston Image Cycling for Cancer Healing and Manifestation

Bill Bengston joins me to talk about his Image cycling process and his research with that for a cancer cure, manifestation and some more interesting things like cloudbusting.


Energy Magazine Exclusive Interview with Bill Bengston, PhD.

In this interview, Bill shares about how his research got started; discusses why he thinks energy doesn’t exist and why quantum physics doesn’t hold up to his scientific perspective.


Bass Tadros, Interview with Doctor Bill Bengston. Part 2


Healing Technique


William Bengston, Ph.D. Visionary Scientists Series

Dr. William Bengston is a Sociology Professor who does experiments in healing, as explained in his book "The Energy Cure" and CD "Chasing the Cure."


Bill Bengston on Energy Healing Research

Is there biologic memory? Can energy healing impact the genome?Can energy healing heal cancer? William Bengston, PhD, talks about his latest research into these questions and more.


Energy Healing