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Joseph Tafur: Integrating the Modern Practice of Traditional Ayahuasca Shamanism

In an effort to bridge the world of academic medicine with traditional healing knowledge, Dr. Tafur will review his experience treating individuals at the traditional Amazonian healing center Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual in Iquitos, Peru.

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Joseph Tafur: Epigenetics and the House of Spirits

An introduction to epigenetics and their potential role in shamanic and spiritual healing, discussed further in Dr. Tafur's book.

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Joseph Tafur: What Is an Ayahuasca Ceremony Really Like? (Plant Medicine Podcast)

Dr. Tafur describes the traditional origins and uses of ayahuasca. Throughout the Amazonian basin, hundreds of tribes and religious groups incorporate ayahuasca in their healing and sacred practices. This naturally has led to quite a diversity in how this plant medicine is used.

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