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The Resilience Gathering - Joanna Macy

We face a "perfect storm" of interacting global stressors. Is resilience a possible response? What does real resilience look like?  Join some of the foremost thinkers in a discussion on resilience and civilizational collapse.

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Resilience in Environmental Activism | Sumaira Abdulali | TEDxSCAC

Sumaira Abdulali recounts her memories of how resilience helped her through thick and thin in both environmental activism and life.

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Vandana Shiva—Activism & Self-Care: How to Remain Resilient While Committing to a Cause?

In the framework of the Transition Days, Dr. Shiva addressed the issue of self-care in relation to activism. How can I stay resilient and still be committed to a cause—without burning myself out?

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