Environmental Justice

Environmental justice refers to equitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens, ensuring environmentally safe and healthy communities. The environmental justice movement works to protect neighborhoods and other human-populated environments that have been polluted or are at risk of pollution by both public and private industrial policies and practices. Goals of activists in this area are the enactment and enforcement of laws and regulations that prevent pollution, promote cleanup, and protect resources. Environmental justice has become an international cause that includes working to counter threats to remaining biodiverse and resource-rich environments and the Indigenous cultures that live there. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Celebrating Food Economies

The Slow Food movement organised a magical gathering of food communities—Terra Madre—which took place in Turin, Italy

Forests and Freedom

Forests were central to Tagore’s works, just as they have been for India’s creative expression through centuries, writes Vandana Shiva.

The Seventh Fire

This essay is part of our July 2019 Uncertain Future Forum on the topic: “If collapse is imminent, how do we respond?”


Environmental Exploitation