Environmental Justice

Environmental justice refers to equitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens, ensuring environmentally safe and healthy communities. The environmental justice movement works to protect neighborhoods and other human-populated environments that have been polluted or are at risk of pollution by both public and private industrial policies and practices. Goals of activists in this area are the enactment and enforcement of laws and regulations that prevent pollution, promote cleanup, and protect resources. Environmental justice has become an international cause that includes working to counter threats to remaining biodiverse and resource-rich environments and the Indigenous cultures that live there. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Who Owns the Land?

No one disputes that decades ago local Indians were unfairly deprived of hundreds of thousands of acres that were guaranteed to them in perpetuity by solemn treaty; yet no one can agree about what should be done to correct that injustice today.

They Sang with a Thousand Tongues: The Poetry of Diversity

Let me tell you a story about how the world began. I promise you the story is not completely untrue. Yoruba elders say that when the world began, there was only sky and water. The Supreme Being, Olórun, ruled the firmaments, while the Divine Feminine, Olokun, was master of the raging seas.

The Guardian View on Pope Francis: A Voice in the Wilderness

Guardian editorial--No other spiritual leader is speaking out so clearly for the poor and for the environment in the developing world."

Was 2017 the Beginning of the End of Social Injustice in America?

It’s so ironic. A country that was established by white immigrants and refugees continues, year after year, to debate whether refugees and immigrants from other countries should be allowed to cross onto our sacred soil. - Chelsey Luger

A Conversation with Alice Walker

The bestselling author discusses her role as a global citizen and her connection with nature, history, and activism

Finding Our Way in Post-Trump America

Historians, theologians, artists, and activists reflect on where we go from here.

Julieta Casimiro and Margaret Behan, International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Exclusive one-on-one interviews with extraordinary individuals working on behalf of women, children, and families worldwide. A chat with heroes from the International Council of the 13 Grandmothers.

@Yoga_Girl Rachel Brathen Launches Social Mission for Safe Drinking Water

Rachel Brathen is a native of Sweden. She left Stockholm after graduating from school, and traveled to Costa Rica. There, she began incorporating yoga into her daily life.


Environmental Exploitation