Faith Healing

Faith healing refers to physical healing that comes through spiritual power accessed through religious belief and prayer rather than physical treatment. It is a philosophy present in various religious traditions around the world. Some rituals of faith healing are quiet, personal, and passive (such as silent prayer) and others are more public and performative, including chanting, vocalizations, and the laying on of hands. While many traditions encourage faith healing alongside other medical treatments, there are some that rely exclusively on faith healing, which amplify ongoing controversies and discussions around the very real question: How do we heal?

Can Faith Heal?

You don't have to take it on faith anymore. Religion can be good for your health. That is the urgent message of Dr. David B. Larson, a psychiatrist who has improbably dedicated his career to exploring the subject.

Faith & Healing

According to a NEWSWEEK Poll, 72 percent of Americans say they would welcome a conversation with their physician about faith; the same number say they believe that praying to God can cure someone--even if science says the person doesn't stand a chance.

‘Bad Faith,’ by Paul A. Offit

In fact, the reason for the continued and enormous popularity of faith healing is that, to some extent at least, it works.

Faith Healing and Modern Medicine

Thousands of Americans choose faith healings over medical intervention every day, for themselves and for their children. When does a country that prides itself on freedom of religion declare that public health trumps personal belief?

Faith Healers and Better Mental Health

Over time, society and medicine have progressed, pushing tradition, ritual, superstition, and religion aside in favour of more evidence-based practices. Blood transfusions replaced leeches and daily medicine replaced prayers.

Faith Healers: Shamanism Is Alive and Well

There sometimes arrives a shaman who has been initiated by a Goddess or some other higher being. One such person is Aama.

‘Inoculate Yourself with the Word of God’: How Religion Can Limit Medical Treatment

Some fundamentalists don’t believe in medications or psychological treatments for mental illness. Small groups of faith healers believe that prayer can heal and shun conventional medical support.

Faith Healing

Miraculous cures continue to be reported on a regular basis: what are we to make of them?

Christian Science Healing Practices

I've been invited, as a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science, to give a brief insight into the healing practice of Christian Science, which was discovered about 130 years ago in New England by Mary Baker Eddy. - Virginia S. Harris

Does Prayer Have the Power to Heal?

Whether prayers for health or healing actually work is a matter of debate. Study results have been mixed.