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Different Ways of Raising Your Children | Parenting Around the World | Real Families

How you raise your children is completely up to you, and how you discipline them can be different all around the world. Should smacking be illegal or does it depend on the child’s behaviour? What do you think? How involved are your family with raising your children?

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The Cultural Shock of Raising Children Abroad | Victoria Kweidhusa, Pamela Lubowa & Shifa Mwesigye

Welcome to another episode of mothering! Thanks ladies for joining us on this episode! Are you in the diaspora? What’s the biggest cultural shock been for you while raising your children?

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Child Development Worldwide: A Cultural Approach

Child Development Worldwide presents a topical examination of all stages of development—from prenatal development through middle childhood, adolescence, and emerging adulthood—through the engaging lens of culture.

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