Family Dynamics

Family dynamics are the ways we relate to each other within a family unit. We all have patterns of behavior—whether positive, negative, or neutral—with our parents, siblings, children, and other extended family members. While each family’s dynamics are different, evidence of healthy family dynamics occurs when all members receive and offer various types of support to each other, leaving everyone feeling safe and secure in their relationships. Healthy family dynamics are fluid and adaptable as each member’s role, responsibilities, and capabilities shift over time. Unhealthy dynamics result in enmeshed, codependent, or abusive relationships, where some members are left with unmet needs or harmful coping strategies. Examining our own family's dynamics can help us create stronger, safer relationships for everyone we care about. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Dr. Gabor Maté & Daniel Maté: "Hello Again: A Fresh Start for Parents and Their Adult Children"

Public talk by father and son Gabor and Daniel Maté; recorded May 13, 2016 at SFU-Woodward's (Vancouver, BC) as part of their "Hello Again" workshop for parents and adult children. Presented by Hollyhock. Moderated by Maria LaRose.


Building Empathy by Dr Michele Borba

Dr Michele Borba parenting advice on helping children build empathy.


Dr. Gabor Maté: Consequences of Stressed Parenting

Dr. Gabor Maté talks about the link between stressed parenting and the preponderance of childhood disorders like ADHD, autism and oppositional defiant disorder, at the KMT Child Development & Community Conference.


Dr. Gabor Mate on Attachment and Conscious Parenting

Gabor Mate, MD, author of Hold On to Your Kids, is interviewed by Lisa Reagan for Pathways to Family Wellness at his Kids, Culture and Chaos talk in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the spring of 2011.


Making Sense of Kids - Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Keynote from the Tenth Annual Vancouver Neufeld Conference, April 2018. Our need for insight as parents and teachers has never been greater. Ironically, the information age has flooded us with information and simultaneously blinded us to its meaning. Knowledge without insight can be dangerous.